Avvocato Giovanni Perego

Giovanni Perego

ATTORNEY - Patrocinante in Cassazione

Graduated from the Catholic University of Milan in 1991, postgraduate attendance to Tax Law chair until 1994, enrolled in the Milan Bar Association in 1998, licensed to Supreme Court of Cassazione and Higher Courts in 2012.
He works mainly in the field of civil contract law, corporate law and tax law, with particular regard to the handling of litigation. Component of Supervisory Bodies pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. 

Maria Cristina Sala Ronchi

ATTORNEY - Patrocinante in Cassazione

Graduated with full marks at the University of Milan in 1992, enrolled in the Monza Bar Association since 1996, licensed to Supreme Court of Cassazione and Higher Courts since 2015.
She works mainly in the field of civil contract law, property law and leases, as well as in the field of family law, minors and successions.
She has gained long experience in handling litigation and assisting clients through alternative dispute resolution procedures. 

Avvocato Federico Scapigliati

Federico Scapigliati


Graduated from the University of Milan in 2003, enrolled in the Milan Bar Association in 2007. With direct experience in Italy, United States, Spain, Japan, his support is mainly aimed at the fields of contracts and management of disputes, national and transnational, areas in which he provides consultancy in Italian and English (British Council CAE - Legal English OdA Milano certification). In 2002/2004 he collaborated in the publication of "Entrepreneurs and Society", multimedia publication, for "A. Giuffrè Editore".

Sectors of practice


The Firm assists the Client from the negotiation stage up to the formalization of the contract, defining all aspects of economic and legal significance. The Client is supported also after the contract is formed, ensuring that it is properly executed. Contractual assistance covers all areas of business interest, with particular regard to real estate contracts, lease of business, supply and tenders. The study also gained considerable experience in the field of fashion and in the management of its contractual and litigation phases, assisting several players in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.


The Firm assists companies in all their organizational and legal needs, ranging from constitution to winding up. Ordinary and extraordinary management issues – relations with employees, credit recovery, relations with banks and financial institutions, corporate restructuring, judicial and extrajudicial composition with creditors, tax disputes - are followed by the Firm, providing specific support and advice. The Firm grants assistance in any litigation before any Court, Mediation Bodies, Arbitration Bodies, both abroad and in Italy.


The Firm assists the Client in advising, drafting and executing all types of typical and atypical contracts, in advising on contractual and non-contractual liabilities and subsequent compensation for damages, consumer protection, real estate, leases, communion and condominium as well as on credit recovery and over-indebtedness, with prompt customer assistance in the judicial and extra-judicial phase. In addition, the Firm maintains close links with other leading Italian and foreign Firms and is able to offer its customers assistance throughout Italy, as well as in all major European countries.


The Firm assists the Client in solving all personal and property issues within the family, in breaking down all issues regarding parents and children, civil unions, non-marital partnerships, separation and divorce, with great attention to the rights and the protection of children. The Client is also supported in procedures regarding personal administration (guardian, curator), disqualification or incapacitation, as well as succession and inheritance.


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